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  • Book of the Month

    Hot Thespian Action! Ten Premiere Plays from Walterdale Playhouse
    Hot Thespian Action! Ten Premiere Plays from Walterdale Playhouse
    Robin C. Whittaker

    In Hot Thespian Action! Robin Whittaker argues that new plays can thrive in amateur theatres, which have freedoms unavailable to professionalized

  • Featured Author

    Patrick Grant

    Known for his exploration of the relationship between Buddhism and violent ethnic conflict in modern Sri Lanka, as well as his contribution to the study of Northern Ireland and the complex relationships among religion, literature, and ethnicity, Patrick Grant provides the reader with an analysis of the widespread rise of religious extremism across the globe. Referencing Plato, Van Gogh, Jesus, and the Buddha, he enlightens the reader with both succinct and original insights into human society. Imperfection is the result of an important Canadian public intellectual at work.

  • Featured Series

    Series: Canadian Plays

    This series features a broad range of new Canadian plays, with at least one professional production, and with a particular emphasis on Alberta works. Publications will include single full-length plays, collections of plays by one playwright, and thematic collections by three or more playwrights. The target audience comprises theatre lovers, actors and playwrights, directors and producers, teachers and students.



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